JIGSAW inclusion guidelines

Services will be approved for inclusion in the JIGSAW Community Services Database free of charge subject to the following general guidelines:

  1. The service must be provided on a not-for-profit basis, except where:
    • the service meets an important social need, and;
    • no other not-for-profit provider offers an equivalent service in that community
  2. The service must meet generally accepted standards for the delivery of a service of the kind offered. In the case of professional services, this includes generally accepted professional standards as defined in relevant ethical codes of conduct.
  3. Services must be offered free of overt sectarian religious content. Twelve-step and similar programs with a (non-sectarian) spiritual component are acceptable.
  4. Fees may be charged for services, so long as these services are not offered on a for-profit basis.
  5. Services must conform with On the Line's organisational values of integrity, respect, compassion and understanding. This precludes any service which promotes views which are:
    • discriminatory
    • disrespectful of any group within the community
    • hateful or violent, or;
    • otherwise offensive to generally accepted ethical or social standards

Services which do not meet criteria one (1) of the above guidelines (such as private practitioners) may be listed in the database on a fee-paying basis. The current fee for inclusion is $50.00 per year. Payment may be made by clicking on the PayPal payment link provided on the editing page for your service, or by sending a cheque payable to Crisis Support Services to:

JIGSAW Database Administrator
On the Line
PO Box 2335
Footscray 3011

On the Line will be the sole arbiter of whether a service or organisation meets the above criteria, which are necessarily partially subjective. The decision to include a service is ultimately at the discretion of CSS and once a decision has been reached, no further correspondence will be entered into.